Sunday, August 11, 2013

heading north on the scenic pacific rim


"sandra's world"

 on day three we headed north from san francisco through the
mendocino wine country. we spent some time at the 
amazing cabrillo lighhouse.  greg scolded me for getting too
close to the barnicled and treacherous shoreline. that's before i saw the sign.

 i've always had a fascination with lighthouses - they're so romantic
and rich with history.  cabrillo in mendocino was especially beautiful!
i also enjoyed the wildflowers, vegetation and deer sightings in this area. 
bonus: we picked up a wonderful painting here for our travel wall. :)

how many lighthouses have you seen?
how do you feel about the ocean?

both of these are so different from where i grew up (forest, mountains, lakes & rivers)
and where i live now (prairie with only oceans of grass and sky) ~ ~ ~ 

i fear the ocean ~ not deathly fear ~ but that unknown feeling.


  1. Lovely pics from far away!

    I just saw a beautiful lighthouse in Ireland.

    I can not recall how much I have seen - several I believe.

    I love the wind blowing over a flat landscape near the sea - well, I get very easily seasick - so I prefer to see the ocean from the shore.

    1. Did you get a picture of the one in Ireland?

  2. I got your card from San Francisco!! :)
    When I was a kid I imagined living in a lighthouse, actually I have less to no experiences with lighthouses, but I also found them fascinating my whole life. I love the ocean as you know, in the past I wanted to live very close to it, but on a cliff where you have overview and maybe reach the sea with going down stairs or something like that. But over the year it changed, now I want to live near to the woods and maybe some little river or lake. Maybe it's the whole Tsunami Thing and my dreams that made me fear the ocean suddenly. Actually sad.

    1. i feel more comforted by rivers and woods also. i understand.