Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memorial Lighthouse

we simply loved trinidad, california!

our vacation seems eons away already,,,
i started my new job this week and 
the semester started up for greg.

we've had some lovely rain,
and even cooler temps.
i took a walk this evening and
the temperature was perfect.
i also picked perfect sunflowers -
sunflowers sometimes signal
the second half of summer....


  1. Beautiful place. My semester starts in a week and a half... though I think I could continue with summer just fine!

    1. wish we could hold on to summer much longer. :)

  2. From the looks of it, I know I'd love Trinidad too. Artsy, yah?
    Hey what about Oregon? I've not been to the Oregon coast. Take me there, please. ;)
    I'm sure you're having a lovely coastal hangover, now that you're both back at work. New position! Fun!
    Doesn't it seem like the schools are all going back so early this year? C goes back next week. Where o where did summer go so suddenly?
    Love to you.

    1. we went eastward - i did not see a oregon coast :(. that will have to be another trip.

      let's enjoy the warmth and cicada concerts a little longer?!