Tuesday, August 20, 2013

one of the bluest things i've ever seen (crater lake in oregon)

one of the most beautiful places i have ever experienced!
crater lake in southern oregon.
it's the deepest lake in the u.s.a. - almost 2,000 feet deep.
formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, it caved in 
and the caldera collected rain water and snow for hundreds of years.
its waters are pure and so visually blue.

i tasted some crater lake (water) served at a shop near the base. 
though my eyes and soul were drinking in vast amounts!

isn't this place amazing? 

this concludes my travel photos to the pacific west....
greg & i loved every moment of this trip.


  1. Wow, you really DID save the best til last. Amazingly beautiful! The postcard doesn't do it justice!!!

  2. It looks surreal beautiful!

  3. I'll jump on board with everyone else and say it too. AMAZING.
    The bluest blue and the green, greeeen forest looks so healthy. I love all the pics you took. It almost looks like you're using a different camera, as everything is just pristine looking and clear and flawless. That's Oregon, huh? I must go. And soon. And I might not come back to my prairie!! Do ya think? ;)

  4. no picture can do this place justice and at the the same time a picture taken with the worst camera would look awesome - it is just that beautiful and yes, surreal!

    there is only one access area where boat rides are launched - long reservation for that though. could you all imagine swimming in this? this is the sixth deepest lake in the world. google 'crater lakes' and you will see all the lakes around the world formed by volcanic eruptions - they are so beautiful - especially the one in n. korea and alsaka.