Thursday, August 8, 2013

tallest living things

 walk with me into one of the world's last remaining 
ancient coast redwood forests....


pictures cannot convey the power and presence of the giant redwoods!
they are: magical, majestic, regal, and reaching to the skies!
i am: humble, ant-like and awe-struck in this mighty forest.   

i'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to
california and oregon. i hope you enjoy this glimpse of the
john muir national monument located north of san francisco.
(i wanted to take the chipmunk home with me.)


  1. Oh, how wonderful. Someday I will get there!!! ( and thanks for little surprises :)

    1. you're welcome on the 'surprise.' i so hope you get to see the redwood forest one day. i thought of you so many times and how much you would enjoy these ancient trees!

  2. Replies
    1. lily - they reach too the sky! it's so magical - yes!

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  4. You're looking quite sprit-like beneathe those mammoth trees!
    I remember when that tree fell and all the talk of the mystery behind it. So so cool.
    I was thinking about you, beach combing, salty air, nothing but miles of shore and sea. How you were feeling being in a place so opposite to your prairie. Trading sage for sanddollars.
    Sounds like a heavenly trip. ;)

    1. i had not heard about the falling tree! we had a moment! greg wrote some movements for an ensemble. the performers, Equinox Trio, wanted a 5th movement for their performance at next year's New Music Fest, so we knew this would be my 5th haiku and greg's composition!

      i love the idea of trading sage for sand dollars! :)

  5. Thanks for cleaning up my mishaps! Duh...;)