Monday, September 23, 2013

wisdom cries out

"The Wise Watcher"

In my neck of the woods right now...
Still wearing shorts and hearing the cicada choir in the trees.
Warmth and summer have a tenacious hold here in the SW.
I'm a lover of spring & summer,,, so I'm not as
embracing as some others are of autumn.   I'm loving the
enthusiasm though of blogger friends.... the pictures,
the hopes & plans and YOUR words framing 
scents, tastes and joyful emotions - very believable
and beautiful this season to come. 

Thank you for being there and for coming here.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

first day of fall,,,

What will this season hold for us all? 
Like the leaf that lets go of its spring & summer twig, 
and the flower that drops its head, 
may we humble ourselves to what is ahead... 

There are some very sad and troubling situations
going on around the world right now. 
I pray for peace far and near. 

I hope your first day of autumn is wonderful...
Here, on prairie hill, there's a slight change in the air.
I heard a crow call in the wind today
and it made me long for the coyote!

Also, a week ago today,
a deer came and warned me about 
the snake in the grass -
that's about as great a story as
the lion and the lamb...

Anyway, animals seem to play a big part
of the seasons and in my life.

Today was my 'last push' for birds.
I made a few more. And then spent time
polishing and pricing my works.

The flock is large and ready to migrate...

Wish you a beautiful beginning....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

creating whimsy

i'm still creating whimsy for
next week's art walk in 
medicine park.

i may have to bring a huge birdcage...
just kidding.

i hope others love birds 
as much as i do!

i've lost count of my flock.
i hope they all find homes...

wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Friday, September 20, 2013


In the Wildlife Refuge this evening....

Parted by my feet
Gold strands growing from earth's scalp
Roots rediscovered

(a haiku from '07)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

power to tread on serpents and scorpions

"Behold, I have given you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, 
and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you." 
Luke 10:19

This post is not for the faint of heart.....
and these are not my usual pretty nature photos,
but I have to share what happened, because it's a miraculous story....

In the scorpion/spider trap today.
That's nothing compared to Sunday night though....

 Greg grabbed the gun and I grabbed the camera,,,   This poisonous rattlesnake was preying in our yard!

I was sitting on a blanket in the grass last Sunday evening enjoying the 'Indian Summer' season 
and the lovely sounds....  As it got shadowy though, I was startled by an animal charging through
 the empty lot on our left. I ran into the house with Zody who was in my lap, because I didn't know
 if it was (worst case scenario) a mountain lion.... Curious, I went back out to see if I could figure out
 what was in the back yard (yes, dumb). I heard movement and the snort of a deer. Then suddenly something slithered by my feet and I screamed and ran back in the house again. My brain/eyes had recognized the pattern of a rattlesnake. A big rattler! I called for Greg and he got the gun and shot it twice.  Here are my thoughts..... My guard (common sense) is back up 100%. 
The snakes are very active right now storing for their upcoming cold-weather hibernation. 
I was stupid for sitting in the grass in the dark! But God sent my 'protective/symbolic' animal,
 the deer, to 'warn' me and to cause me to get off the grass.  My back was turned.
Maybe that snake was coming toward me and Zody?! 

Even though I was within inches or centimeters of the snake, it didn't rattle or strike,,,
 it moved in the opposite direction of my feet. God's protection was with me once again. 
 Do I need to be careful though? Yes, always. 
 I thank God for protecting me.  And I thank God sending the deer. 
He knew I would understand. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

the good & beautiful....

i pried open my moonflowers so this hawkmoth could feast.
the googly eyes have it!
gulf fritillary

last evening i was sitting out back enjoying all the 
beautiful critters when the unthinkable happened.
one hint - it didn't give me a warning rattle -
yes, a huge rattlesnake slithered/hunted in the 
upper yard where zody & i were sitting in the
grass. i will share the full story in my next 
post - it's quite a miracle that the snake
didn't strike me!  we'll keep tonight's post about
the good & beautiful though, the bad & ugly can wait......

my latest birds from the weekend...

sharing or fighting?
my favorite bird! the redwing blackbird!

wishing you beauty, safety & grace this week....

Saturday, September 14, 2013


that's my prairie hill in the distance

i live in such a cool little town ...
first stop this morning, to the post office before it closed.
hoping my book had arrived - it didn't.
i then headed to the red door gallery to deliver some more of
my art. next, i went to the bakery/coffee shop and picked up a 
hot chocolate and french toast.  i looked in on the little
free library, but saw the same old junky books. i walked
along the creek with zody and found the smallest
nature delights,,, hearts were attracting me, creepy
caterpillars, little vines & grasses beckoned,,, and
the delicate little dwelling was empty so i plucked the
hemlock stalk to bring home and enjoy.   

the day was beautiful. warm. people were still 
swimming in the creek. we had some rain
yesterday... it broke a small hold on summer.
i was able to open the studio window and door
and work on encaustic pieces today.  

my day was peaceful and great. my heart aches for
colorado though.  over the years i've had more
and more dreams about natural disasters from waters.
much like what is going on with the floods in colorado.
washed out roads, cars stuck in ravines and homes 
off their foundations.

we live in such an uncertain time and world.
"now" is what counts.  holding on to people
and beauty and knowing that God is a solid rock.

have i shared this quote before?
"in nature there are no neither rewards nor
 punishments; there are consequences."  
-robert ingersoll

Friday, September 13, 2013

handicapped butterfly

i have always been fascinated with the molting process. 
or in this case, metamorphosis.

the gulf fritillaries (or passion butterfly) went wild here this summer.
(the passionflower in my garden was a great host!)

every where i look, there's a chrysalis - on the rockwall,
the bird bath, the flower pots, the adirondack chairs,
the window overhang,,,
right before my eyes - they're hanging everywhere.

one day a little guy didn't quite make it -
he was a handicapped butterfly.
his wings were folded stuck and he couldn't fly
off like the other fritillaries. yes, i felt sorry for it,
but that's nature for you.  i saw the most interesting
thing though. another butterfly came and mated with it....

i really have no moral or big punch line to this story.
it's more like an observation and just a thought
to not take anything for granted.

i found the short video that i took of the handicapped butterfly....

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'milking' september

the sky struts its stuff
i'm 'milking' september (aka summer).... sitting out in the evenings until it gets dark.
i hear crickets chirping, the flap of wings, a dog barking in the distance, 
a stirring in the leaves now and then,,, pleasant sounds,
and a delightful warm breeze to perfect the evening.  
the okra is dying, i'm waiting for one little watermelon to ripen - 
the first & last one of this season!
  i'm cutting and drying the peppermint for autumn tea.

the stars have been abundant and bright,
the clouds spectacular,
the days long,
change an ever moving force,
an omnipresence.

how are your last summer or september days?  

the oakleaf in his beak is smaller than the tip of my pinky nail.
wishing you beauty and calm....


Monday, September 9, 2013

two little birds

 hummingbird with standing cypress blooms

kingfisher contemplation

these are wee little encaustics. 
i like how the wood still shows through.

i'm sitting outside and the temp feels perfect.
september is so loud - cicadas camoflauged in trees
 are screeching from every direction. 
i hear the hoot of an owl and it makes me nervous
because i'm playing ball with zody.

i love september though and look forward to
the 'indian summer' season....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

a new flock...

i made a new flock of birds this weekend....

these are all going to the medicine park art walk at the end
of the month. hopefully they will find nice homes to nest in. :)

i have two yards: semi-tame above by the house and this 
wild one below.  just look at that mixed prairie grass. 
i find it heavenly. 

that grass works its way into my art.

wishing you a beautiful week, dear friends!