Monday, September 2, 2013

Birds of a feather flock together....

Blue Bird (Encaustic mixed Media)
European Robin (Encaustic Mixed Media)
Red Hummingbird (Encaustic Mixed Media)
   The flock is growing larger every day!


See the peach 'n mint one in the center? Its partner flew off. 
 Can't find it anywhere. I think the grasshoppers below may have hijacked it!

Not sure if you remember the cotton seeds I planted a few months back?
Well this is the first bud from my 2' x 2' cotton patch!!!
Isn't it beautiful?!

I'm harvesting tabasco peppers every day.
Soon I will have a long double-stranded tabasco necklace.

My little guy got a bath today.
Probably won't need another one until next spring...

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you a great week!


  1. Looks lovely in your land and studio :)

  2. Looks beautiful!

    And I guess I know the fabric on the third pic - it is Mitsi from Liberty ?

    Your tabascos looks pretty! And the cotton, too.

  3. Perhaps "grandpa" took the earring...?
    What a sweet idea, beads and paper birds! Oh YOU. So clever. So cool!
    The encaustic birds! Well, you know how I adore them. Completely.
    Zody is so cute & clean. Is that cotton seed just now budding? Softest pink. So pretty.
    Peppers! Ay yi yi yiiiii. ;)

  4. Your encaustic birds are awesome! Cute Zody!