Saturday, September 21, 2013

creating whimsy

i'm still creating whimsy for
next week's art walk in 
medicine park.

i may have to bring a huge birdcage...
just kidding.

i hope others love birds 
as much as i do!

i've lost count of my flock.
i hope they all find homes...

wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love the two bright green, yellow and pink whimsy birds!!
    And, ahem.. I can't believe you are showing me that great horned owl.
    If you don't sell it at market, it's meant to be mine. ;)
    Ps I knew you'd go to the refuge. Big grin.

    1. The refuge called,,, I answered. Ha ha! And yes, you were right!
      Hm, wait til ya see my other owl! ;)

      A few years ago I created a bird series in different media and I looked back to see what 'haiku' I included (I included text) for the owl piece.... YOU will
      appreciate this:

      winged stranger
      sovereign Angel
      come care for me.

    2. He does. He surely does. Love it!

  2. Love the birds! And the owl is my fav.

  3. Oh! And I got your mail! I think I never got something like that via mail before! I love it! In my childhood I had a dead bug collection, I don't know where it is now and if it is still existing, but holding that awesome insects in my hand was making me think of it again and I am thinking of maybe starting a new bug collection again :)

  4. I hope they didn't break.... you needed some weird mail.
    I have a big bug collection under the bed. ha ha

  5. :D No they arrived safe! I am thinking of maybe using that casting resin finally that I keep for years now. I just have to collect it from my parents home. Then these pretty creatures would be conserved forever, so that you can easily look at it from all sides without damaging it.