Sunday, September 22, 2013

first day of fall,,,

What will this season hold for us all? 
Like the leaf that lets go of its spring & summer twig, 
and the flower that drops its head, 
may we humble ourselves to what is ahead... 

There are some very sad and troubling situations
going on around the world right now. 
I pray for peace far and near. 

I hope your first day of autumn is wonderful...
Here, on prairie hill, there's a slight change in the air.
I heard a crow call in the wind today
and it made me long for the coyote!

Also, a week ago today,
a deer came and warned me about 
the snake in the grass -
that's about as great a story as
the lion and the lamb...

Anyway, animals seem to play a big part
of the seasons and in my life.

Today was my 'last push' for birds.
I made a few more. And then spent time
polishing and pricing my works.

The flock is large and ready to migrate...

Wish you a beautiful beginning....


  1. All your birds in beeswax will find good homes. The ones happy ones I own told me so!
    Autumn. With the changing leaves and then the raking of the leaves! I've seen more Buzzards and ravens flying around my pad and an owl sits in my spruce from time to time eyeballing all the bunnies in our neighborhood.
    Anytime now, I expect the long necks to honk on through, southbound.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Interesting bird series.... and, yes, troubling what continues on and on and on in the world of humans. ugh. Happy Autumn to you.