Friday, September 13, 2013

handicapped butterfly

i have always been fascinated with the molting process. 
or in this case, metamorphosis.

the gulf fritillaries (or passion butterfly) went wild here this summer.
(the passionflower in my garden was a great host!)

every where i look, there's a chrysalis - on the rockwall,
the bird bath, the flower pots, the adirondack chairs,
the window overhang,,,
right before my eyes - they're hanging everywhere.

one day a little guy didn't quite make it -
he was a handicapped butterfly.
his wings were folded stuck and he couldn't fly
off like the other fritillaries. yes, i felt sorry for it,
but that's nature for you.  i saw the most interesting
thing though. another butterfly came and mated with it....

i really have no moral or big punch line to this story.
it's more like an observation and just a thought
to not take anything for granted.

i found the short video that i took of the handicapped butterfly....


  1. To observe the process of nature. It's all so fascinating, isn't it.
    That butterfly is gorgeous. The browns and beiges, soft & natural.
    I'm not seeing the video. But, I want to see it!! :)

  2. Wow... sad and intruguing story. I wonder if the windy day warmed the butterfly so it emerged too quickly?

  3. We have Gulf Fritillaries also, I love them, so wonderful you are having and explosion, nature is truly amazing. We always have dragonflies emerging the same way and sometimes they don't quite make it either, I'm thinking pesticides, it always makes me sad.