Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'milking' september

the sky struts its stuff
i'm 'milking' september (aka summer).... sitting out in the evenings until it gets dark.
i hear crickets chirping, the flap of wings, a dog barking in the distance, 
a stirring in the leaves now and then,,, pleasant sounds,
and a delightful warm breeze to perfect the evening.  
the okra is dying, i'm waiting for one little watermelon to ripen - 
the first & last one of this season!
  i'm cutting and drying the peppermint for autumn tea.

the stars have been abundant and bright,
the clouds spectacular,
the days long,
change an ever moving force,
an omnipresence.

how are your last summer or september days?  

the oakleaf in his beak is smaller than the tip of my pinky nail.
wishing you beauty and calm....



  1. Looks beautiful out there!

    Here we have rain, beautiful cool rain...

  2. Wishing all that for you too, little bird.