Saturday, September 14, 2013


that's my prairie hill in the distance

i live in such a cool little town ...
first stop this morning, to the post office before it closed.
hoping my book had arrived - it didn't.
i then headed to the red door gallery to deliver some more of
my art. next, i went to the bakery/coffee shop and picked up a 
hot chocolate and french toast.  i looked in on the little
free library, but saw the same old junky books. i walked
along the creek with zody and found the smallest
nature delights,,, hearts were attracting me, creepy
caterpillars, little vines & grasses beckoned,,, and
the delicate little dwelling was empty so i plucked the
hemlock stalk to bring home and enjoy.   

the day was beautiful. warm. people were still 
swimming in the creek. we had some rain
yesterday... it broke a small hold on summer.
i was able to open the studio window and door
and work on encaustic pieces today.  

my day was peaceful and great. my heart aches for
colorado though.  over the years i've had more
and more dreams about natural disasters from waters.
much like what is going on with the floods in colorado.
washed out roads, cars stuck in ravines and homes 
off their foundations.

we live in such an uncertain time and world.
"now" is what counts.  holding on to people
and beauty and knowing that God is a solid rock.

have i shared this quote before?
"in nature there are no neither rewards nor
 punishments; there are consequences."  
-robert ingersoll


  1. Another wonderful journey in Prairie land, thank you. and, yes, Colorado. I have a friend in Boulder - so far three of her friends have lost their homes.

  2. Your little town is enchanting. I could just picture you skipping from one place to another, dropping off your art, picking up your French toast YUM, hoping for a package ( or two ) hehe, from the post, being disappointed at the little library (I can relate). Discovering hole-y heart leaves. Cool! Makes me wish I lived in a really small town.
    The weather now is so unpredictable and we had better get used to it because it's going to continue to be erratic and uncertain and freakish.
    My heart goes out to those in Boulder and Lyons. It's awful and there's a lot to be done to make it okay again. But, that community is amazing. The people from Boulder are strong and they stick together.
    I hope everyone has a bit of peace this Sunday.