Monday, September 16, 2013

the good & beautiful....

i pried open my moonflowers so this hawkmoth could feast.
the googly eyes have it!
gulf fritillary

last evening i was sitting out back enjoying all the 
beautiful critters when the unthinkable happened.
one hint - it didn't give me a warning rattle -
yes, a huge rattlesnake slithered/hunted in the 
upper yard where zody & i were sitting in the
grass. i will share the full story in my next 
post - it's quite a miracle that the snake
didn't strike me!  we'll keep tonight's post about
the good & beautiful though, the bad & ugly can wait......

my latest birds from the weekend...

sharing or fighting?
my favorite bird! the redwing blackbird!

wishing you beauty, safety & grace this week....


  1. NO!! Not the rattler again! (Gulp) I can't even imagine what I'd do if they were so present around my yard. I'd be on guard at all times!
    Do you have anti venom there on hand? Have you ever had to use it?
    I like your new birds! One of my favorite sounds, is the call of the red winged black bird!

  2. i don't have any anti-venom, Lynn. when someone gets bitten they have to get to the hospital (anti-venom) within 2 - 5 hours. it all depends on how much venom was injected by the rattlesnake. this was the first rattler i've seen this year. they are very active now. i'm not going out in the dark anymore and not barefoot either!! accchhhh so close - but will share in my next post.
    i hope your birds land soon!!! :)