Monday, September 23, 2013

wisdom cries out

"The Wise Watcher"

In my neck of the woods right now...
Still wearing shorts and hearing the cicada choir in the trees.
Warmth and summer have a tenacious hold here in the SW.
I'm a lover of spring & summer,,, so I'm not as
embracing as some others are of autumn.   I'm loving the
enthusiasm though of blogger friends.... the pictures,
the hopes & plans and YOUR words framing 
scents, tastes and joyful emotions - very believable
and beautiful this season to come. 

Thank you for being there and for coming here.


  1. Prairie sistas through and through!
    You KNOW how much I love the summer. The heat on my arms. The lizards. The scorched dust under a mustangs hooves. Fall is pretty, but the winter lasts too long! Gripe gripe. ;)
    I see you saved the best for last on the owl encaustic. HOOOOOT. Yer killin' me.
    You said it's to all the amazing gals out there who have such interesting things to say, ideas they share, giving us a glimpse in to their world, miles and miles away.

  2. Lovely owl....Just lit a fire in the woodstove - 42 degrees this morning - outside, not in the house!

  3. I love autumn, but do miss wearing shorts every once in a while. Enjoy the warmth.