Saturday, October 19, 2013

around here

"Evanesce"  (5" x 7" encaustic)
"evanesce" ... created for an upcoming exhibit with the theme of "time."

  we were eating dinner and watching a show on the ipad,,,
i happened to look up,,,  and gasped at the 
display outside the arched window,,, 
we marveled at the fleeting golden moments
 on prairie hill...

a miniature flower arrangement - a small verse in the day's poem...
have you seen the movie "gravity"?  it's stunning!
  we went to carnegie, okla. and watched it 3D
in a retro theatre.  that was fun.

 don't worry that's not a snake - that's a fence lizard - 
they hug my house and it makes me happy. 

i do have a snake story though,,, 
we had a baby rattlesnake in our garage the other night!
their bite can be worse than an adult's because the venom
is more concentrated!  i'm concerned for zody... 
i would say this has been a bad snake year.
wish i'd see more roadrunners.

on a bright ending note.
i was awakened by coyotes howling the other night...
i smiled in my sleep.


  1. Are roadrunners rattle predators? And, yikes, scary.. baby rattlers in the garage! Cool painting and hilltop light.

  2. Oh man...I hate to say it, but I think you've got a snake problem.
    A baby one? I wish you had more roadrunners, too! Love those guys.
    Lizards hugging your house. Now that makes ME happy and that coyotes are yipping you to sleep. Zzzzz..sigh.