Sunday, October 27, 2013

i had to connect


swam through waves of grass to get to the house
my neck, shoulders and back are aching, 
fingernails are caked with wax
a burn on my middle right knuckle.
it's been mentally and physically rough.
encaustic art is a beast,
but i like to take a hold of that wild medium
my will ~ and its will, butting heads like bulls.

the deadline has arrived for submitting to my january show.
i had that mental conversation about 'why didn't i create some
large panels?'  well, now is not the time to be my own enemy.

i've worked hard on my exhibit. i've worked hard this year.
i also work full-time and say yes to a lot of  'things.' 
you know, how it goes.

"Meditation" encaustic on panel

so i flung the work apron aside and headed outdoors
into perfect weather ~ even sweating weather,,,
criss-crossed prairie hill
crunched through indian blanket seed heads
while grasshoppers crashed into my forehead.

a lone crow flew with the wind
lizards sunned themselves on the rocks
i watched my every next step, for, 
you know, the R snake.

i was blessed by bright blue skies,,,
dirty blond grasses waved and rustled
and butterflies raced passed me.

in my medicine pouch i collected:  ragweed, sage, 
slender day flower, asters, and unknown  grasses...
i sniffed their earthen scents.

i had to connect ~ with nature ~ with the cycle
with my land... i had to look up (and down).
but it felt good to walk with nature...

no title yet...


  1. i hate to give my pictures titles, often I forget and then I have to catch up on it later. I wish you the best for your exhibition! BTW: love the picture with the thistles!

  2. to the last picture "red storm" immediately came to my mind when looking at it

  3. Curse the encaustic!!! Haha. Only joking, just that it's so dangerous and stressful and tiring sometimes!!
    But, the outcome is amazing and astonishing. You're the only person I know who tackles that medium.
    Right on! You stepped out into the prairie and filled your soul with the goodness of nature, running with butterflies and taking in the sweet scent of sage, admiring the dirty blond grasses! ( love that description)
    Now, you're ready to let the January show unfold as it may.
    It's gonna be fabulous!