Saturday, October 12, 2013


finally, a few more notes and a cover! 
i bound the summer travelogue today!  
tying up loose ends feels good. :)

my husband is the best!  he makes encaustic medium
for me!  he's got it down,,, my working ratio:
4 lbs of wax to 8 oz of damar resin.
this is no easy chore.  it takes 5 hours to melt!

creative energy is up -
capitalize on it.

encaustics on the shelf
"any landscape is a condition of the spirit."  
- henri amiel

i hope you 're having a nice weekend.


  1. wow, you already have a little art museum at home with all your encaustic artworks! Oh wow, my bf would not stand 5 hours for me in the kitchen :D

  2. M e m o r I e s.... Muir woods and crater lake. Think about that! You've been to some amazing places. From east to west. Never forget how lucky you are!
    Those encaustics. (Squeal) I forget that they don't always include birds!!!
    They're lovely, The colors are gorgeous and they remind me of landscapes and sky's.
    I sure like that quote. ;)

  3. The travel log looks wonderful.... and its good when the creative energies are up!