Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the sun has been hijacked by the color grey

it turned cold here in sw oklahoma - a north wind blew in and
it seems the color grey hijacked the sun.
i'm wondering where are my winter clothes?!
i guess it's time to switch my closet around over the fall break.

i have a few random bits to share...

my sister & i had a nervous discussion over the pecans.
last year, we had a successful wild harvest of nuts, but haven't
seen any buds yet this year.  yesterday, i was driving down a
street and saw a squirrel drop something large from its mouth 
as it was trying to cross the road. i thought it was carrying a bird 
or its baby,,,, but as i got closer,  i saw what it was trying to 
pick back up - a branch with about 5 huge pecans!  
it may as well have been an olive branch!
hallelujah there will be pecans this year. thank you squirrel 
for the sign. ha ha!  mother earth magazine recommended this
nutcracker and i received mine in the mail today.
i'm ready for pecans.

~ ~ ~

the wind blew a tiny nest out of a tree.
it was laying at the entrance to my work building
so i scooped it up and placed it on my office windowsill. 
i'm intrigued by the single green plastic string that 
decorates the nest wall - so simple and hopeful.  


  1. Does that mean you'll be making another one of your scrumptious pecan pies?
    Fall break! (Ain't it the life? Hehe)
    Bundle up, baby.

    1. oh yes! pies and nut breads. :) red feathers ~ green threads! to a beautiful fall break! dear prairie sister! ;)