Saturday, November 30, 2013

cedar wreath

Claudia inspired my wreath-making today.  
I loved the fresh simplicity of her advent wreath and gathered my
own branches off the cedar tree out back.  It smells wonderful in the house.
I used rosemary branches for the smaller candles.  I have a monster 
rosemary bush in the front that needs regular trimming anyway.

I enjoy candles.  I don't like to over-do Christmas decorating.
A tree and candles is enough for me. Oh and lights, of course.
I want to keep things simple and cozy during the holiday season.
That is my cup of tea.  

We had big plans today, but I don't feel my best.  So we
had to stay home.  Imagine this,,, I also opted not to go to the clinic 
where all I'll get is the usual bottle of antibiotics.  Instead I drank a ton
 of pure cranberry juice that I made from all those cranberries I bought.
I drank onion juice and I crushed/swallowed 5 cloves of garlic 
mixed with flax oil.  This is getting really unappetizing, but I'm 
desperate not to have to take antibiotics.  

Stay well my friends and may the beauty
 of the Christmas season fill you with peace.

~     ~     ~


  1. I've been working with a pretty amazing nutritionist. That's his title, but he is much more than that. He's treating an ongoing sinus infection of mine with Oregano Oil... its a really powerful natural antibiotic... takes longer to work on my condition, but is very gentle on my body. However, when I first starting taking it, I kept feeling like I had just eaten pizza!! He suggested taking it in the gelcaps... he also takes it regularly as a precaution.

    Love your wreaths! I grew up with lots of cedars, not many around here, I think its a bit colder than they like. I miss the smell of the bark and making things - smudge sticks, etc - from the boughs. I agree about decoration. And since I celebrate a hybrid pagan Solstice/Christmas, I have decorations that work for both. I can't believe tomorrow is DECEMBER! Yikes!! Have a great month.

    1. I'm still taking the oregano oil - I put drops in warm water and drink it. The gel caps make more sense to me.
      These cedars are invasive here. :) That's why we don't feel bad for chopping one down for our Christmas tree. I would not burn any part of it though. December is here, indeed, and I wish you a beautiful month.

  2. It looks wonderful! I'm happy I could inspire you! I hope your natural cure helps you to avoid antibiotics!

    1. Yes you did. I can add fresh sprigs as needed. :) My own concoctions worked!!!! Victory over antibiotics. :)