Wednesday, November 13, 2013


November Wildness 
Manly ones...
Healing Hands
I didn't feel well today,,, it's been a spiral to landing 
fetal position in bed last night.  It's not comfortable.
To be whole and healthy is bliss.  Sometimes those other
days creep in though... and then (thankfully) pass like dark clouds.

I made a few more medicine pouches.  A friend gave me 
some leather so I'm in good business there. 

Zody catching some rays.
I ordered a Rumi book.  Must finally return the library copy
that I've enjoyed so much.  Need to erase my marks too.
I leave you with some Rumi...

The keys that open all gates are strapped
 to love's chest.  When a bird is completely broken 
and still, it gets removed from the snare.


  1. Lovely... wild November and pouches and quiet pooch in sunshine, how sweet!

    1. the pooch likes when i'm sick. it means he has me at home with him. :)

  2. Oh, little bird. I'm sorry you're under the weather. (Guess who else has been sick?)
    Is that your gorgeous house on that hill in all that fabulous fall color!?!? So pretty, San.
    Manly bags, ooohhhh yeeeaaaahhh.....
    You turned me on to Rumi. I've got a library copy myself. But, I never mark it with pencil! Shame on you. Hehe. Just joking. I'm going to send you some bright colored sticky tabs/book markers.
    That poem!! How utterly touching...
    Thoughts of you this morning. ;)

    1. that's why i always end up buying books - i like to mark them up! :)
      hope you are better too.
      i always seem to photograph the back of the house- that's where i hang out i guess.
      p.s. that's where the deer like to steal my peppers too!