Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mount Wall Hike and the Week

a spider with her wrapped grasshopper meal

A few pictures from our hike on Mount Wall yesterday.
We crunched through fall oak leaves and grasses -
in the sunniest of conditions.  
We also stayed clear of longhorns...
~       ~       ~

This week I experienced my first scorpion bite.
6 a.m.! on my finger while fluffing one of Zody's beds - 
the scorpion was near the baseboard/next to the blanket.  
It stung me on the index finger and felt like a strong wasp sting,
then burned and later tingled. 

I'm making medicine bags now.
It seems right to create these,,, as gifts or for sale
at the local gallery.  I want to start off each one with
a special token,,, fur, sage, apache tear, quartz,,,
 ~     ~     ~

An amusing discovery.  I wanted to pick some
peppers from my tabasco pepper plant that was still 
producing and discovered it was chewed to the stems.  
Then saw deer prints in the dirt right in front of the plant.

Wishing you a happy, healthy & peaceful week.  


  1. There you are. Hiking around without a sweatshirt. Still!!! It looks more than just pleasant.
    So warm looking and fall ish. I like you sitting in the prairie with the mountain behind you. It sure looks a lot like here!
    Those medicine bags are the best! Such a unique and cool idea, to make them yourself.
    The deer & the peppers! Heehee!

  2. Tomorrow we are getting our super cold front! 20 degree morning expected. I only welcome that bitter cold to drive the snakes into hibernation! Hope you are warm and well. :)