Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Snow and a Calico Landscape

Looking over at neighbor, Jed's place...
We're not going anywhere!

Just look at our Prairie Hill today!!
I really don't remember ever having a heavy snowfall, or any snowfall before
Thanksgiving.  My, my my!  I feel confused, and I'm ready to celebrate all
the holidays (Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas) next week!!

It's beautiful outside.... I call it a Calico landscape.

Since Greg can't play out in the snow, I made him something special.
These were really good!  ha ha

Babies in the snow. 
Dee & Lee

 I fell in love with this photo when I saw it at the antique store a few weeks ago.
"Dee & Lee" were scribbled on the back of this vintage photo.
 I slightly cracked the studio door so that I could preserve these twins in encaustic.
  They also needed something special, so I gave them my precious
 pom pom flowers that I picked in Assisi, Italy.

They warm my heart!

1 comment:

  1. Get out your calico snow bonnet. ;)
    It looks beautiful out there with a layer of snow. You got clobbered!
    Kahlua slushies? Mmmm.
    Oh, pouty Lee. Hilarious and sweet and I like the Italian Pom Pom's!