Saturday, November 16, 2013

OKC Outing

In front of 'Jane' by Alex Katz
Dale Chihuly Glass
Greg & I spent the day in Oklahoma City.  It was the last 
weekend to catch "Of Heaven and Earth: 500 years of Italian Paintings
 from Glasgow Museums."  A Sandro Botticelli even found its way to 
OKC!  My favorite painting in the exhibit though was by Luigi da Rosi called
'Overlooking a Canal' - the women were described as fishermens' wives.

Source: Internet

I just considered this painting timeless!
OKC Memorial

We also visited the OKC bombing memorial.  The reflection pool was emptied of
 water due to maintenance.  Under peaceful evergreens, there's a chair for each
child and adult who lost their life in the tragedy.  A very solemn & sacred place for OKC.
I brought home two pinecones to place with all my other special cones.

~  P e a c e  ~


  1. The first pic goes really well with your jacket/bag. :-)

  2. I was hoping YOU would notice my chic bag! It goes well with everything. :)