Friday, November 29, 2013

The Days

Potato Latkes
First day of Hanukkah
I started observing Hanukkah years ago with some friends back in Texas 
and it became a tradition I held to as a single person for years. For me,
it's a time to reflect on God's goodness and His miracles throughout the year. 
I also feel that lighting a candle adds to all the other candles being lit around 
the world - a spiritual synergy. A time of celebration and wonder.

The backyard.
I found some prairie bling and
a little snowy heart during my walk....

The Yellow Rose of Texas' Apple Pie

I made my first apple pie from good scratch.
I found it on The Yellow Rose of Texas blog.
She just called it pie - but on my recipe card,
it's named in her honor.  This recipe's a'keeper.

Found an old bottle.
View of Prairie Hill from Lake Lawtonka side.

Did a wonderful walk-about on my prairie,,,  and headed NW
down to the lake.  I once found a really neat cocoon in this
particular area, and I was hoping to find another.
I did!  I did!  I did,,,, under that berry bramble!
A gift for the seeker.

I've been working on various projects.
One of my favorites is this chalkboard paint covered journal.

Gave one of my mini curios a paint make-over.

Day #3 of Hanukkah 
Our days have been wonderful.  Quiet. Cozy and relaxing.

S    H    A   L   O   M


  1. Mmmm that pie looks delicious.
    I'd love to ramble your prairie hill right now. It looks so inviting. And peaceful.

    1. Hi Lynn - A good homemade pie - I'm going to cut down on the sugar and butter the next time. lol.
      The hill is alive with good things. :)

  2. It looks beautiful out there!

    I wonder what built the cocoon?

    1. It is a very durable cocoon- tougher than cardboard. I would love to find out what likes to hang out there down by the prairie lake shore. :)

  3. Wonderful gifts indoors and out! Happy Hannukkah!

    1. Thank you Valerianna. Love and light to you.