Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mount Lincoln Boulders

We bouldered in the Mount Lincoln area of the wildlife refuge today.
It was sunny and beautiful.  We just had one problem, Greg fell,,, not down a 
ravine ;), but he twisted his ankle pretty bad.  Luckily it happened on our return 
and we were fairly close to the car.  His swollen ankle has been on ice and elevated.  
We had a lovely weekend, except for this painful tumble.

Wishing you a great week ahead! 


  1. Looking cute leaning against the boulders with flowers still in bloom!!
    Oh no!! Not another leg mishap! Just when I thought he was all healed up from that last episode.
    Hope he's feeling better.
    What a great place to play, though. Enjoy your evening!

  2. the light is wonderful in these pictures! I love your portrait! Hope you feel much better by now and that Greg will do better also with his ankle!

  3. An swollen ankle that hurts is not so great, hope Greg gets better soon.

  4. Well, the good news - x-rays showed his ankle isn't broken; but he's in an air cast and on crutches.
    This is the same leg that was bit by the poisonous brown recluse spider earlier this year. :(