Sunday, November 3, 2013


A little lucky tuft of rabbit fur

A little hike
with my two favs.

November is off to such a good start.

I found this recipe for
Sweet Saffron Rice w/Currants and Almonds at

Lefiligree's blog 
It's super delicious.

Bird Holding to the Root - encaustic

Yesterday was warmish and sunny,
today cooler and grey.
The weather is changing every day.


  1. Loveliest November to you!
    The bunny tuft!! I found one last summer. Aren't they adorable? And lucky! And then, I no sooner got home and Skye swiped it and I've NOT seen it since. Hehe.
    Is it sweater weather for you yet? ;)

  2. Got your lovely mail! Thank you!!! The chiwis are too cute!