Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 Right in the center of this picture, you can see a doe.  There are more, but they blend right in with
 the fawn colored prairie grass...   Winter brings the deer back to Prairie Hill in the early mornings.   

In dark of morning I can also hear an owl hoot and last night coyotes yipped on the hill.
They sounded so close that I was a little afraid to let Zody out for his last call.

   ~    ~     ~

I have something very unpleasant to deal with - I've not even processed it yet. 
You know when you're in the middle of the storm swirling - nothing is settled.

Greg is well. Zody is well.  It's me standing in the need of prayer.


  1. Sending peaceful, grounding thoughts, Sandra, and hoping the unpleasantness fades quicky. Having a hard time seeing the deer!!

    1. V - Look to the left from the last cedar sticking out - the deer is darkish and looking down (feeding).

  2. I'm zooming in, and yes! I think I see a doe! And more! Just knowing that they're there, makes me happy.
    And to hear an owl hoot, and a coyote call??!! Come on! Share, sister, share! Haha.
    It's your turn, after all. You're the one that needs all that nature love, right now. Animal medicine.
    I pray it works.