Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking back and ahead...

I make a big deal about leaving a year behind and starting a
new year.  I go through my journal and read through all the events
of the past 12 months and then I start to think about the year ahead 
with hope and anticipation.   How will the blank slate fill up?
What will be fate? What will come to pass because of my own 
perseverance or patience?,,,or my own surrenders and evolution
of soul?  What about God?  How & where will he lead me?
And what will happen around the world?   

How do you feel about starting the new year?
Do you crave certain experiences? Are there things you'd like to try?

I want to ride a horse.
I want to paint & draw animals.
I want to visit NYC.
And could I just please, not walk in offense?
I want my soul to grow & molt into a grace-being.

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