Friday, December 6, 2013

More snow & more medicine pouches.

Okra seeds.
More snow and more medicine pouches.

My latest medicine bags have okra seeds, 
blue cedar berries and cedar sprigs.  

I'm ready to get our red cedar Christmas tree from Prairie Hill.
It's just too cold right now, but it is sure is fresh and beautiful.

Wish you a great weekend.


  1. Paddle pouches!!
    Sunday seems like a good day to pluck a tree from your hill.
    Bundle up and go for it! ;) I'm one to talk. I'm so cranky when it's cold, and stubborn, I don't want to do much.
    We got our tree last Sunday. Unfortunately we had to purchase one from a lot. I need my own prairie hill!
    I found out that my sweet little fir tree came from the appalachians. And that makes me happy. (And yet, kinda sad too, now that I'm thinking about forests and cutting down trees)
    Enjoy this day. :)

    1. You were right on! Greg did it - he marched up the hill today and chopped a tree - was back in a few minutes. ha ha. Your tree sounds lovely. I bet it smells wonderful too.

  2. Looks lovely there all stark and blue and that dirt-red beauty of the prairie.

    1. It's been pretty looking out the window. :)

  3. I hope to get my medicine pouch soon - I need some magical to heal my scars. :-)

    1. I bet you will get it this week. :) I hope you get lots of magic and nice things this coming week.