Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Calm

 I spent the morning at the Red Door Gallery
where I took a slew of Christmas inventory.
I enjoyed spending time with Jean, the shop owner and 
my sweet friend.  Only she and I would exchange 
crazy things like a 'devil's claw' and a dead black baby cricket.  

On my way home, I stopped into another shop closer to my 
house and splurged on the seed and bead necklace above.
It brings me joy and looks wonderful hanging in my studio!

In the evening I took a long walk with Zody and came across a
beautiful large granite boulder covered in neon lichen.  Oh, how
I would love to have it in my yard!  I placed a cairn on it and
I'm sure this will become a visiting point more often.

This was a difficult week for me.  I'm being forced on a journey,
but like I told another friend, it may start in the dark valley
but I will make it to the mountaintop. 


  1. Beautiful pics!
    Sending some prayers your way!

    1. Nice to know you are there for me, Lily.

  2. Oh for sure you will. If I know you, in a slow and steady climb, the mountaintop will be all yours!
    That seed necklace is beautiful! I would have snagged that up too. I thought it was a bag, hanging there. It's a good size necklace!
    Keep on filling up on nature and fresh prairie air.
    This won't last forever.

    1. Hi Prairie Sister ~ Thank you. The necklace is big indeed - that's it will be a wall hanging. :)