Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tree. Musical.

Got it. 
Here he comes!
Yay! Our tree.
While I was upstairs cleaning and organizing my studio, Greg marched up Prairie Hill to
pick our annual Christmas tree.  It's such a great arrangement - right outside our backdoor we
can get the most beautiful red cedar - we're actually doing the prairie a favor by removing
 this invasive tree.  It's free and there's no guilt from cutting down a tree (well kinda).  

It's cold here.  Oklahoma is usually still pleasant in December - temps in the 
twenties and ice and snow for days on end is unfamiliar to us.  We are in winter.
Don't let the 10 minute sunshine at the end of the day (picture) fool you.  
It's freezing.

But we are well.  Greg had one of the most amazing weekends.
His musical comedy, The Juries, was performed at the university yesterday 
in spite of every obstacle, including the unforgiving weather.

It was so entertaining and fun.  I'm proud of Greg.
And he can finally relax now after months of hard work.

~   ~    ~    ~    ~

We're supposed to thaw out this coming week.  
I hope your weather is gentle and that your week is filled with kindness.


  1. Good to hear good things from you!

    Hope weather will be nice soon and healthwise everything will stay calm or calm down even a little more.

    1. Thanks Lily. We finally reached above freezing temps and today was the first time I drove since last Thursday.

  2. Congrats to Greg!! And, welcome to our world of ice and snow all winter. Yesterday was the last day of school and I had to drive through snow, ice and rain to get there! I almost didn't make it home the last few feet as the rain on top of snow froze and all was iced. Just 10 feet and I needed crampons to get from the car to the house!!

    Enjoy your tree!!

    1. My gosh - you are in the thick of it now Valerianna. I hope that you are safe and warm and have everything you need.

  3. You warming up out there yet?? We are!! ;)
    Tell Greg congrats on his musical. I'm sure it was fab. You look like a 'juries' groupie in that t shirt! Heehee.
    Looks like a nice cedar tree this year. Mmmm the scent!
    Bundle up, baby.