Sunday, January 19, 2014

ART: Encaustic...from sunset to sumac.

"The Sunset Couple" 
Antique photo with leaves under beeswax on panel.

I fell in love with this tiny portrait when I saw it 
in an antique store in Grants Pass, Oregon last year. 
They rarely smiled in portraits back in the old days.
I bet she hardly ever smiled. Period.
But the mister - I bet he had a big laugh! 

"Sumac Study"
Collage, sumac berries under beeswax.

I collected berries from a sumac bush
and wondered how they would behave under
wax.  They're full of red pigment.

Greg took an updated picture of me for an up-coming
article.  I'll be giving a demo and talk on the encaustic 
technique next month for the local art council.  

~      ~      ~      ~      ~

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in 
humble places where other people see nothing."
 -Camille Pissarro


  1. Great work! I love sumac trees! Your portrait picture looks great! Every time a picture of myself for a publication is needed I have a hard time. I think for my fist interview I made 100 pictures, I was very unsatisfied. Other than when I make pictures just for fun....

    1. Oh, I usually make Greg take a 100 pictures also. lol

  2. Hey, that is such a pretty picture of you. I love your lips of raspberry. Great color.
    The old time photos. The women never smiled! They were worn out and jaded from all the back breaking chores and baking nine loaves of bread everyday and cooking for the menfolk and they had it so hard!!
    I feel for them. I'm jaded and I don't hardly do anything! Haha.
    (Yep, I'm in one of 'those' moods today). ;)