Sunday, January 5, 2014

LIFE: The little things....

It smells like hot apple pie in the house again - and not from a candle either. :)
One of these days I'm going to work on the aesthetics, but for now it's enough
that I can hear Greg, saying "yum" over & over again.

It's chilly outside, but I've stolen Zody's sunny window spot,,, and sitting here
in a tank top I'm feeding him apple pie crumbs and thumbing through seed books ....
planning and dreaming of my spring garden...     

These comforting and calm moments at home are like little seeds
that nourish me.  I'm a homebody as much as I am an earth-hugger.
I'm so grateful that I can have both of these worlds. 

How are you?
What are you planning and doing lately?


  1. Mhhh, I think I can smell the apple pie. :-)

    I made some Buchteln some days ago, a special treat (allready finished).
    Next will be cookies again (down to two allready).

    What do you plan about your garden?

  2. I'm definitely both of those as well. :)
    It's funny, but I really can picture you sitting in a sunny window, donning a tank top (my fist shaking at you across the plains), thumbing through seed catalogs with apple pie crust spilling about and the words yum echoing through the house on the prairie.
    Sweet potatoe pie! That apple pie looks gooooood.
    It's sunny and single digits here, and I'm wearing long johns, three sweaters and and woolen head gear.
    Now tell me, can you picture that?!?! Ha!