Saturday, January 25, 2014

LIFE: My mom is sick. My husband is sick. My dog is sick.

 I love these huge scissortail sculptures. 
But it's usually not a good sign when I see them,,,
It means I'm at the hospital. 
My mom, , , who had triple by-pass a couple of years ago
had a rough week and though she is better, we need
some answers. 

Lovely last page in a magazine...
Around the Prairie Hill this evening,,,

Greg has a stomach bug and Zody has an infected eye.
I'm grateful to be well and have the energy 
to take care of all my loves.

"Be like a bear in the forest of yourself.
Even sleeping you are powerful in your breath."
-Susan Griffin, poet


  1. Oh no. Your mom. My prayer goes out to her. I hope she's better today and gets to go home.
    There's a really bad bug going around that's for sure. Where I work, it's hard to avoid.
    And I hope Greg and Zody bounce back soon!
    I like that quote by Susan Griffin. The bear. The forest. Powerful. Breath.
    You're a fine caregiver, this I know.
    Be well everyone, up on Prairie Hill.

    1. Mom is home. Greg is back to feeling great. But Zody's left eye is still squinty and teary. I think I may need to make a vet appt. tomorrow. Thank you!

  2. Blessings of health to everyone there, Sandra! And the energy to take care of them all with ease. Thinking of you.

    1. Mom is home and all battery of heart/artery tests were clear. I seriously think the docs need to look at her medicines! Thank you.

  3. It's gotten better! Crazy weekend. Thank you. :)

  4. oh no! Stay strong to nurse your family! Wishing them all the best!