Sunday, January 26, 2014

NATURE: Hunting Horse Hill Hike

Helen and I went on our most exhilarating hike of the year yet.
We made it to the top of Hunting Horse Hill!
A four-hour round trek through grasses, trees, brambles & boulders. 
  On my last two hikes I longed to be right here at this spot. 
 These mysterious massive boulders teased me from so far away, 
but today I was finally able to kiss them both.

We even balanced our way back down a long stretch of what I call a 'river of boulders.' 
Gosh, it felt good to exert myself - heart pumping, and sweating,,, and my thighs feel as strong
as granite, though I know they still look like jello.  ha!  :)

So I 'll be returning for some more kisses from this handsome Hunting Horse Hill! 


  1. That third picture..I looooove this land!!!
    Gosh woman, did you find a cave? Nice perspective from inside.
    You and Helen can sure 'rock' it! Yeah!
    Boulder hopping can be tricky, but so much fun.
    Oh happy days!