Sunday, February 16, 2014

ART: Encaustic is painting with beeswax.

Red Mini Book - Encaustic Collage Cover

A little advice from inside my mini book'
where I scribble favorite quotes:

"Stop the glorification of busy."

1900 New Testament - Encaustic Collage Cover
"... and I will open, Lord."

The simplest definition of encaustic is a painting made of beeswax.
But there are many complex parts to that....

And that is the start of my presentation next week.
I think I'm overthinking it....?  ha!

Couldn't they just come and watch my madness?
That would be too much fun.

I'm still not prepared.  But this weekend,
I managed to create many intimate encaustic pieces.
Very satisfying to me.  I played with
magic and curiosity in my studio and
I would call that success. :)

'Il Viaggio' (encaustic collage on panel)
American friend...
The trip to Italy last March inspired this little diptych.
I finally found the perfect American friend for the Italian girl
this weekend!  Everything was finished last year,,,, except her.
'Il Viaggio' [the voyage] is finally complete.. sigh.

I'll save the other pieces I made for another post...

I wish you a beautiful and kind week!

1 comment:

  1. Next week a presentation??!!
    Will you be demonstrating? I think that would be so cool, to see you in action!
    Let your words flow from the heart. (Easier said than done)
    Better you than me. ;) I'm no good at public speaking nor having the attention be on me.
    I know you feel the same.
    Your encaustics lately have very deep and spiritual meanings, a sort of quiet contemplation.
    I like it.
    PS: Our snow is all gone. For now.