Saturday, February 15, 2014

ART: Encaustic Studio

"Dante's Dream"  Encaustic Diptych on Panel, 6"  x 2 1/2''
Ode to the Bee, Encaustic on Panel  2" x 2"
Encaustic Corner
When it's 60 degrees outside I can open the studio door and
window and work with Encaustic.  I  need adequate
ventilation for safety reasons, and then I still limit
my exposure time to the melted beeswax.  

The gallery owner dropped one of my pieces which took out 
three chunks from the corners, but I was able to fix it and 
return it to the gallery today.  She also said "red" sells. 
 I did not make the "reddish" piece above for that reason.
I had something in mind - but it took a slightly different turn.
Black does not photograph well - dark colors do not photograph well.
In fact, Encaustic is often not very photogenic. Ha!    

What about my studio!?  What a sweet mess in that corner!!
I know how to maneuver around all those tins and cords though.
Oh, I bought a new heat gun!  Most artists get all excited when they
get new brushes (I do too), but I'm so thrilled about my new Wagner
heat gun.  I gave myself a blister with it today though!  Seriously.

One of these days when I get better organized I will share some 
pictures of my studio.  It's a cozy, beautiful spot really with a
balcony and Prairie Hill view.  :)  

Encaustic panel sitting on book.
I consider this beauty the "Mona Lisa" of encaustic mummy paintings!
I burnished her image into wax using a transfer method. 

I made some other mini panels of her copied image and
applied two layers of wax to the surface.
I think I may have some give-aways at my Encaustic 
talk and demo next week.  Tomorrow I have to spend 
time organizing my presentation...

Playing in the studio.
I'm pretty sure I discovered "The Guy With The Pearl Earring." :)
I cut him out of a magazine - an 18th century work.  

Hope you are having a fun weekend!


  1. My speciality field for my final art exams has been all about mummy portraits :) Brings memories back! What a crafty corner! I'm happy to follow your encaustic adventures!

    1. Claudia ~ The mummy portraits are so fascinating! I have yet to see one of these portraits from antiquity. Most are in the British Museum, but I think there are some in the NY Met. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. I love your creative chaos in your encaustic corner!
    Mummy portraits - I had to google it - still learning things visiting your blog.