Sunday, February 9, 2014

ART: Longing for spring...

Blue Nest Maker, Encaustic Collage, 2" x 2" 
Sorbet, Encaustic Collage, 3" x 3"
Bird with a Pansy, Encaustic Collage, 5" x 5"
Waiting for Spring, Encaustic Collage, 2" x 2"

I had to take some artwork to the local gallery this weekend.  
Shoppers really enjoy my birds,,, what's not to like about birds, right?
I hope these bring some cheer as we all wait for spring to arrive!

Pristina with Spring Flowers, Encaustic Collage, 1 1/2" x 1 3/4"
This little lady is like a delicious mini tea cake!  I cooked 
her up in my encaustic studio today and she's mine for now. 
She cheers me up already as I wait for spring,,, ;) 

~       ~       ~       ~       ~

In my last post, I promised to share Greg's Solstice Song 
 written for oboe, clarinet and bassoon.  The
performance by the Equinox Trio can be heard here.  

"As I take note of the wonderful things in my life,
more wonderful things come to me." - anon.


  1. Just fell in love with the blue nestmaker and the lovely lady!

    Spring can come!

  2. Bird with a pansy, helloOoooooo!!!!
    They are all bringing a warm smile to my face, and a spring in my step!
    Please hurry, spring. Please?

  3. Your birds are awesome! Thank you for your sweet card and your artistic moo cards! They came out so nice!