Saturday, February 22, 2014

ART: Passionate Amateur

Setting up for the encaustic demo at the Art Center.

"BE AN AMATEUR. That's all any of us are: amateurs. 
We don't live long enough to be anything else." 

- Charlie Chaplin

Be a passionate amateur, a curious child, 
a life-long student of your craft. 
No one to impress,, no applause or praise to seek,,, 
just keep your nose down at it. 

I've come to despise the word 'professional' I think.
What if business cards and self descriptions of 
professional were replaced with the word

How silly, right?
How freeing..... 

Wishing you a wonderful and thoughtful weekend...


  1. Let's see if this will get through...I've commented a dozen or more times and they just don't stick...

  2. Wow! The updated operating system must have cured the issue....

    I always introduce myself as "amateur" and people seem to feel I am putting myself down...I never felt that way. I felt I had, always had, so, so very much to learn...Love this idea...Passionate Student. Passionate Photographer. Passionate Creator. Passionate Liver...{makes me wish they had choose another name for that wonderful organ...} Just found an interesting term in the thesaurus...Zoetic.
    So happy to communicate with you again! Wish those other comments had stuck...

    ps. You are Amazing to me! So happy for you...

    1. I love you Andrea! And thank you for sharing the enthusiasm - I'm amazed and agree: our livers are passionate!!! So close to the word lover? ha! Our livers having to process every toxin and guard our entire body and well-being! Don't I know!? You hit a cord here ,,, my liver is having to process lots of strong medicine for me right now. I have to mention Milk Thistle tea and turmeric - beautiful companions to the liver.

      Let's live passionately! Go girl! (Zoetic - I'm guessing - zestful and full of life!!!) :)

    2. Have you tried Turmeric Tea? There are some awesome recipes "out there", I like mine with coconut milk {full fat, not light}...I've heard oil {coconut} pulling is good for liver detox too....?
      You are an inspiration.
      Wishing you total wellness to go with the happiness!

  3. Without passion - what is life?
    Without being an amateur - how can you start something new?
    Only new looks/ways can change the world!

    1. I like this so much, Lily! Perfectly said.