Sunday, February 2, 2014

LIFE: A lot of snow & little crafts

Double-stranded Peace and Purity Necklace

Watching the snow come down today.
I hope this is winter's last hoorah!

I miss the red-wing blackbird,
so I cut my own.
and a haiku...

War paint fills the sky
On the redwing blackbird's wing
Red, yellow and black 
~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Wish you a great week!


  1. Ha! And just when we thought you had spring on your doorstep!
    Gosh, that's quite a dump of snow. It won't last long. I know this.
    Your beading project turned out nice! I like the meaning behind it.
    And I too miss the red winged back bird! One of my favorite sounds in the world!

    1. Hi Prairie Sister - Imagine my surprise,,, at the snow!!! Schools are closed too!
      The redwing blackbird is my favorite birdcall as well!! Now if only he would bring us a branch of sage. ;)

  2. Here spring is in the air - the smell, the colours!
    Love it!