Thursday, February 6, 2014

LIFE: Music - Solstice Songs

Reishi tea, a good book!, amazing chocolate! and reflecting..... 
Really enjoying this inspirational gem.
And this!

Greg hosts the annual New Musical Festival every year and
this week we were delighted by the Equinox Wind Trio's performance.
The day had finally come 'to hear' - the work which had been conceived last
summer.... Greg asked me to write 5 haikus which were inspiration
points for his Solstice Songs composition for the oboe, clarinet and
bassoon.  If I may say so, between the trinity who breathed the notes
 into the air and Greg's arrangement it was quite awesome and I 
had to remember to exhale myself.  

I appreciate musicians who can make our hearts dance!
And I'm always so proud of my husband's work and I honor
the gifted Equinox Wind Trio!  

I will ask my tech savvy husband how I might be able to share
the recording of the concert...

I hope your day is filled with good things!


  1. Enjoy this quiet time with tea and choc!

    I would love to hear the concert, too.

    How much love to write music for your haikus.

    Hope Greg feels better now with his foot?

    1. I'll share the music when he has it ready. The sprain is a slow heal. :(
      Hope you are well.

  2. You are my favorite collaborating couple.
    His music to your haikus?! Come on! I gotta hear this!
    That book looks like a good one. That choc bar, divine! Chomp!

    1. Thank you Lynn. :) I'll share a recording of the piece when Greg has it prepared.

  3. looks like a wonderful day ♥

  4. That looks like a book filled with inspiration. I am also writing haikus and an artist friend of mine creates illustrations based on my words: loving creative collaborations like that. Your teacup looks adorable. Can't wait to hear the music :)