Monday, February 3, 2014

NATURE: Tracks &Trails

The wind was sleeping and silent, so
we took a walk from our house
 into the wildlife refuge,, 
following animal tracks and trails in the snow,,,
coyote, birds, bison, deer and elk,,,

somewhere two coyotes on the prowl...
Just as we started out west from Prairie Hill,,
two coyotes ran across the field. They saw us first
and ran like devils... 

We usually hear coyotes more than we see them,
so it was nice catching a glimpse of some in the daylight
running across this snowy field! :)

[The pictures at the very top are their paw prints by the way.]

a friend gave me this antique lace square. i found a 1 inch frame!
Sigh.  I'd like to say farewell to winter.  

~ If winter comes, can spring be far behind?~
-P.S. Shelley


  1. Yeah...goodbye winter. (Where ARE you, spring??)
    I guess I didn't realize you were in walking distance to the refuge! My goodness. How awesome is that!?!?
    I'm loving those paw prints of our beloved wild things! And the sign of Bison. Be still my heart.
    I'm thrilled, so so thrilled that you are hearing coyote and that you saw a couple running like the wind! Howl! Yip yip!