Thursday, March 27, 2014

LIFE: Riding Horses

We were supposed to do this last night for my birthday, , ,
but unpredictable March weather,,, it was only 47 degrees 
and it rained.  Today it was 78 degrees with a slight
dust storm...  and so we took a horse riding lesson.
My horse loves Greg's horse.

Belle is a sweet mare...
Greg taking saddle off Ricky.
Belle at sundown...
When it comes to animals, 
the horse is a masterpiece.
Perfect, powerful, beautiful,,,

Instead of showering, I'm going to bed
with the slight smell of horse on me.  I want 
the scent to linger while I sleep and dream 
of its powerful muscles and speed.

God-speed is in the horse.
And grace.

Monday, March 24, 2014

TRAVEL: The last of Santa Fe

 This is one of the best art supply stores!  I was thrilled to find
a small bar of GOLD encaustic medium.  How beautiful it will
look with blue and purple!

 I also love visiting the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.
This time there was a special exhibit of her Hawaii paintings.
(Ansel Adams's Hawaii photographs were also included.)
I really enjoyed the 14+ paintings of the cottonwood
trees that were on display.   G.O.K. seemed to be caught
in their beauty... so was I!  Above is one of my favorites.

I selected these special milagros...
This is probably one of my favorite captures... early morn' and we're driving back home.
Last glances at the landscape while the sun starts to rise.

Special things....

So happy with this table runner I brought back!

And I put together this mini Retablo.
My wee shrine holds a white stone horse with just
a bit of sage from the ancient place...

"Every moment and place says put this design in your carpet." -Rumi

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TRAVEL: Santa Fe National Forest

An early spring forest bloom...
The hole in the tree needed a cairn... :)
Blessing myself with cold creek water.
Solid ice...

We hiked in Hyde State Park - there was lots of ice and snow on the ground.
Next we headed up higher to the Santa Fe National Forest.  Just look at the
layers of aspen and pines on the mountains...

Sketching the trees.

Simple reminder for my travel journal...

Taking it all in -the width, height and breath of this bountiful forest.

Wish you a great week, dear friends!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

TRAVEL: Bandelier National Monument/NM

Carvings inside the cave...

Do you see the raven on the cliff?
Do you see the parrot petroglyph? 
Do you see the dog? 
Do you see the raven? :)

Greg climbing into an alcove.
The large alcove... 
Picnic and paint spot...

Heading back to Santa Fe...
This was my first time seeing petroglyphs - something I've always wanted to experience!
Lightning, heads, a dog and a parrot.... carved by the ancient Pueblos inside and outside
their tuff/volcanic cave dwellings.  We were able to climb inside some of the caves (those
without petroglyphs).  We had a wonderful time at this historic canyon/mesa near Los Alamos.