Sunday, March 16, 2014

LIFE: A full weekend...

It rained!  All day yesterday. Can't wait for the hill to turn green.
I'm currently reading....  (and love it!)
I caught!  (Warmed and released him.)
'The Fence Lizard' - Their bellies have the most beautiful color)
Zody is curious and cautious...
I baked.
A Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake
I find and make some of the best recipes from
A Beautiful Mess Blog.  This cake was perfect
for today.  It's quite simple, but I spent a good
35 minutes cracking my own foraged pecans.

I'm packing.... kind of...
I created.
I have two special/beautiful wood panels that
I've been saving for just the right image...
I was able to preserve the morpho wing (brown side)
with the lady, however I lost the eyespot pattern and pale blue 
coloring.  Working with wings is a tricky thing - they are
thinner than paper and super fragile and beeswax is brutally hot.
I like the challenge it presents though and will share the 
result in another post.

I wish you a beautiful week dear friends! 

1 comment:

  1. I want to hold a beautiful bellied lizard!!
    Thanks for the book title. Gonna check it out.
    That wing is lovely! So is that piece of wood. I can tell it's going to be a spectacular encaustic!
    Have a beautiful time. The weather is always nice there. ;)