Thursday, March 27, 2014

LIFE: Riding Horses

We were supposed to do this last night for my birthday, , ,
but unpredictable March weather,,, it was only 47 degrees 
and it rained.  Today it was 78 degrees with a slight
dust storm...  and so we took a horse riding lesson.
My horse loves Greg's horse.

Belle is a sweet mare...
Greg taking saddle off Ricky.
Belle at sundown...
When it comes to animals, 
the horse is a masterpiece.
Perfect, powerful, beautiful,,,

Instead of showering, I'm going to bed
with the slight smell of horse on me.  I want 
the scent to linger while I sleep and dream 
of its powerful muscles and speed.

God-speed is in the horse.
And grace.


  1. My birthday was also rainy and cold. ;) But i am happy that you made your horse riding later and it looks like you had a really nice time! riding is such a liberating feeling!

    1. You are also a March baby and we can have one or the other,,, if only the warm front would have come a day sooner here. But I always believe that rain is special (especially where it's scare) and so it's a sign of blessing. It has rained when I've interview for jobs and then gotten the jobs. It also rained on our wedding day.... Yes, horses,,, oh horses - there's no other like them. :)

  2. Oh dear. I spaced a most special birthday. Darndarndarn!
    At first glance, I thought, who are these folks on horses on SanD's blog? You're so doggone adorable and petite on your pony I thought you were a teenager! Ha!
    Belle is, well, a belle! And so is Ricky. He's a beast! A big white beautiful thing!
    How fun. What a thrill. It was your first time atop one of these baby's wasn't it?
    Happy Birthday. Now I suppose you want a horse for your birthday gift. I'll see what I can do, my dear friend. Luv ya!