Friday, March 14, 2014

NATURE: I found the bones of my enemy in the dust....

Wild hog
It's so bare bones right now!  Literally and figuratively...
Dry, color-absent and dead.
This has been the longest winter, sigh...
It's warming up, but there's no rain
and the landscape has been the same
 for too long.
Rattlesnake vertebrae, ribs and skull/fangs (on rock)

Yesterday, I came across the Rattlesnake (skeleton) in the yard
where a neighbor tossed it after cutting off the rattler for me
(last September).  It's THE Rattlesnake I almost stepped-on.
  Yes! I found the bones of my enemy in the dust!!

A snake can have between 200-400 vertebrae.
The spiny ribs are super sharp.  I also found the
fangs, one is still attached to the skull.
There's not much to a snake skull - it's more 
like a complex structure with numerous joints
so that the snake can swallow prey that's far 
larger than its head!

Okay, so this handful of bones is going in my 
creepy nature collection.  Some may end up in medicine bags.
Not in a voodoo kind of way - but respectfully and spiritually
remembering that we are powerful, yet a bit of dust and bone

Shamrock Hope

Maybe with luck some needed rain will pour,,,
because some of us need a resurrection 
in our rattling bones.  


  1. We have rain coming tonight, and on top of snow, its not what we want. Amazing snake bones.

    1. Valerianna - Your weather has been wintry cruel to the bone! ;) How would you like a rattlesnake rib to add to your creepy collection? ;)

  2. It looks so cute and like fine porcelain - I can not believe it was the poisionous snake you feared some months ago!

    1. It's quite beautiful. I been checking out the head portion with the intricate joints - so fascinating.
      Also, the fangs have slits at the end - to eject venom no doubt. I've learned a lot.

  3. Hallelujah!
    I need to find something distinctly Newfoundland to add to your nature collection...Hmmm...
    {huge hug}

    1. Hello Andrea! I love how each region of the world/locales have those distinct nature things. :) I wonder what beautiful treasures you find in Newfoundland?

  4. oh wow, what a finding! creepy and beautiful at the same time

    1. I've been posting far too many creepy things lately. lol

  5. ps: I got your pretty crane post!!!! :) :) :)

    1. I need to record your early March birthday so it doesn't sneak up on me every year! :)

  6. Ooooh, think of all the fun things you can do with the serpent remains!! Yeah!
    Gosh, you're needing some rain, me thinks.
    When you get back, it'll be blooming all around you! You'll see!

    1. It rained all day yesterday! Hallelujah!! This will surely nudge the flower roots. :)