Saturday, March 22, 2014

TRAVEL: Bandelier National Monument/NM

Carvings inside the cave...

Do you see the raven on the cliff?
Do you see the parrot petroglyph? 
Do you see the dog? 
Do you see the raven? :)

Greg climbing into an alcove.
The large alcove... 
Picnic and paint spot...

Heading back to Santa Fe...
This was my first time seeing petroglyphs - something I've always wanted to experience!
Lightning, heads, a dog and a parrot.... carved by the ancient Pueblos inside and outside
their tuff/volcanic cave dwellings.  We were able to climb inside some of the caves (those
without petroglyphs).  We had a wonderful time at this historic canyon/mesa near Los Alamos.


  1. Looks very interesting and beautiful!

  2. Those pictures are fabulous!! Oh oh! The day was perfect. Look at that blue sky! So clear and bright.
    Gosh, all those petroglyphs, and the ones inside the cave dwelling. So interesting.
    Did a raven follow you home? I hope?
    What a soul soothing trip. You will be hanging on to those memories for a long time I bet, sister.
    A letter is on it's way. ;)