Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have a knack for finding skulls & bones when I'm out walking,,,
My feet went straight to this animal skull on Prairie Hill 
the other evening.  I think it may have been a raccoon.

My words aren't flowery.  They are more like bones.
Smoothed and solid and absent of adjectives and color... often.

I love poetry and wish I could write profound poems.
 I can extract the essence of what I feel through a haiku
though.  It's sparse and to the poetic point for me. :)

Our land was blessed with a little rain yesterday and quite a bit today.
I prayed for rain and so I'm very grateful for the beautiful answer.
 I was also inspired to write a rain haiku this evening...

Calligraphic roots
Write poetry beneath us
When rains fall like words

Blessings on your week dear friends.


  1. Hey Bone spotter. A raccoon? Really?! That's so neat.
    Do you have a "bone identifying" book? If not, I'd like to find you one. Since you're always stumbling upon the sacred bone gifts on prairie hill.
    Your haikus are some of the sweetest ever penned, darlin'.
    I love to read them.
    Lovely day to you this glorious spring day! Tra la la! (I'm on a coffee buzz...) hehe

    1. I've been 'skull hunting' the last few days - but have found nada.... I'm starting to wonder if I don't have the 'knack'.... lol. I think the beautiful, perfect little skull I found the other day was a special gift. Lord knows, I needed it. So, I too wonder if there is an animal skull identification book? Will have to google...