Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NATURE: Coreopsis Prairie Hill


I enjoy my daily walks around Prairie Hill
these days - big, cheerful coreopsis flowers
like a million dancing suns greet me.
 Some time ago a bird built her nest on the back porch
 under the studio balcony.  I call her ‘mama bird’ and
 I try not to disturb her. Yesterday, I  found one of her
 dead chicks on the concrete patio floor ~ eyes not yet
 opened and wings barely formed.  I buried the little
 bird in my garden plot.  It was so simple. 
If only it could be so simple for humans. 

There is an evil person trying to cause harm
and dishonor over my dad's remains and memory.
This person's evil actions are out of my control ~
but I have perfect peace.  Did you know peace
can protect you from anything?

 If God feeds the birds and clothes the wildflowers
 in splendor, and notes when one sparrow falls, 
then he can surely handle my cares.

~  P  e  a  c  e  ~

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  1. Oh, it looks beautiful out there! I envey you for this beautiful view!