Thursday, May 29, 2014

HEALTH: My Fresh Medicine Bag

Fresh gatherings into the medicine bag,,,

But you have made me strong as a charging bison, you've honored me with a festive parade.  Psalm 92:10

I got attacked by the chigger bugs - this country girl still hasn't learned her lesson.
I got a shot though early in the week and it helped with the symptoms.

Last week I got a hallelujah test result...
A spirometry test showed my lungs are <46.
My lungs are much younger than my actual age they said. ha!

Breathing exercises are good.
Breathe in (nose), hold, exhale fully (mouth).
Repeat throughout the day.
It's cleansing and calming.

Sing praises.
Speak kind things with your breath.
Play a flute or horn.

Silence is also healing.


1 comment:

  1. Oh thank you for reminding me of how much good mindful breathing can be!
    I will practice this throughout my day today. The library is getting on my nerves!!!
    Luv ya!