Sunday, May 4, 2014

LIFE: Little Sunday Things

Mama bird is busy feeding these beaks now!  
 What a joy to have this little family on our back porch.  Last week I had to bury one of them...
I'm tempted to make a cushion on the cement porch floor... 
I want them all to make it, you know!

Little Book Necklace
 I cheated a little - I actually bought the book (didn't make this one myself). 
 Created for someone special.

My sweet boy Zody.
I think it's been a while since Zody said hi.

I pray blessing upon you - much health and kindness in the coming week.


  1. Awww, too bad about the bird. It always amazes me how ANY of them make it, all jammed into the nest, going crazy when someone gets back with food and complete goofballs in the first month! Amazing, then, too, that so soon they are flying away!! Enjoy watching them, and I think a few cushions is a good idea! (Hi Zody)

    1. They are too sweet. I sure will enjoy them a little longer until they fly the nest!
      I've put down the thick blanket below. :)

  2. Please make a cushion for the falling ones! Please? ;)
    You are so cute, San. And It's good to see Zody boy, too.

    1. I put down a thick blanket. :) I feel like they're going to knock each each other out of that crooked nest. If I can help it - the rest of those chicks will make it. :)